9 reasons Lzzy Hale should join Skid Row permanently

Lzzy Hale should stay with Skid Row permanently. Let us tell you why.

When lead singer Erik Grönwall recently left Skid Row for health reasons, the band asked its friend Lzzy Hale from Halestorm to fill in as a temporary lead vocalist for four gigs in May and June. She accepted the offer and did a phenomenal job. With the four gigs done, it is time to decide what’s next for Skid Row. Roppongi Rocks thinks Lzzy should join Skid Row as its new lead vocalist. Here is why:

  1. Efficient allocation of the world’s resources. Lzzy singing with Skid Row is in the best interest of the world’s music fans.
  2. She has been sensational in the four shows she has performed as a stand-in lead vocalist for Skid Row. She grew up as a Skid Row fan and became a successful singer, The band’s music helped shape her. Now she had a chance to bring her magic to the band.
  3. Skid Row is a more exciting band than Halestorm.
  4. She’s already an established rock star in her own right. If she were to join Skid Row permanently, she would likely avoid some but not all comparisons with former singer Sebastian Bach.
  5. A reunion of Bach and Skid Row is not likely to happen. Partly because Skid Row has no interest in a reunion and Bach is no longer the singer he was in the late 80s and early 90s. Thus, such a reunion would be a musical step down from where the band is now.
  6. The band has enjoyed an upswing in the past few years with Erik Grönwall behind the mic. The four shows with Lzzy have kept the interest and quality up.
  7. Jon Bovi Jovi says she should join.
  8. She’s not only a great singer whose style fits the band well. She’s a top entertainer, a decent guitarist and a great songwriter who can contribute to Skid Row’s future.
  9. Any vocalist replacing her now would be a step down for the band, both musically and business-wise.