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Album review: Powerwolf “The Sacrament of Sin”

German power metal band Powerwolf is back with a good new album and a terrific bonus album full of goodies.

If you like European power metal, Powerwolf’s new album won’t disappoint. It is an album full of singalong anthems. It’s melodic and often-times fast and bombastic. Among the best new Powerwolf songs are the anthems “Nighttime Rebel”, “Killers with the Cross” and “Fire & Forgive”. But my favourite is by far “Nightside of Siberia”, a slightly heavier track. We also get a ballad in the form of the splendid “Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone”. In “Incense and Iron” we get a dose of folk metal mixed in with the usual power metal. Jens Bogren (Opeth, Sepultura, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Amon Amarth) has produced the album which was recorded in Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden. It would appear that he has added his magic touch to the Germans’ sound. He seems to succeed with whatever artists he takes on, no matter the musical style. But, the best thing about the new release is that it comes with a bonus CD where other bands perform Powerwolf covers. Hearing Powerwolf tracks performed with the distinct musical flavours of bands such as Epica (“Sacred & Wild”), Amaranthe (“Army of the Night”), Eluveitie (“When the Saints Are Going Wild”), Caliban (“Kiss of the Cobra King”) and Battle Beast (“Resurrection by Erection”) is more than a treat. It actually sounds great. The bands have really taken the Powerwolf songs and made them their own.

Powerwolf’s new album “The Sacrament of Sin” will be released on 20th July via Napalm Records internationally and Ward Records in Japan.