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EP review: Uttertomb “Sempiternal”

Dark, dirty and primitive Chilean death metal – bloody good stuff from Uttertomb.

Many major international death metal and black metal bands have had had successful tours of South America. It seems to have rubbed off and inspired a new generation of talented local South American bands.

Uttertomb, which is about to release “Sempiternal”, a two-track 7” EP, formed as Ultratomb in 2009. They have released a few demos and an EP in the past and changed their name to Uttertomb in 2011. The “Sempiternal” EP features two new smelly songs, “Excarnation” and “Incarnation”.

It has a rather primitive production but it actually works well for this band. It sounds as if someone has recorded a rehearsal in someone’s stinking basement on a cassette recorder with the batteries about to run out. Weird and wonderful. It works. This is fermented death metal from Chile. The music smells foul and filthy. It is disturbingly good stuff that is perfect for a limited edition release on black (of course) vinyl. Often this is slow-paced kind of blackened death metal. Sort of non-melodic, brutal death metal played at the pace of doom metal. But there are also some parts here that are very fast. Uttertomb’s frontman Sebastián Salce is also the guitar player for Chilean death metal band Death Vomit so there is some pedigree here and there is certainly some .great guitar work here among all the stench.

The “Sempiternal” EP is out on Pulverised Records on 29th April. /