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Album review: Scarecrow “Splatterpunk”

Scarecrow takes us on a wild Finnish metalpunk ride on its new album.

Whenever bands or artists come from Finland, I know the chance that it will be music that will be appealing to me is quite high. I don’t know what it is – the dark forests, the lakes, the freezing winters, the saunas, something else – but there is something about Finland that makes its inhabitants create beautiful music, especially in the heavy metal and hard rock genre. Scarecrow is a band from Finland that takes us on a high-energy punk-o-metal carpet ride on the new album “Splatterpunk”. The band, which defines its music as metalpunk or metal horrorpunk, was formed in 2000. “Splatterpunk” is the band’s sixth full-length album. During their career they have also released no fewer than eleven EPs. The “Splatterpunk” album has 16 tracks, most of which are indeed metalpunk songs. It’s punk rock with metal guitar riffs and often with death metal-like harsh vocals. There are a few tracks, such as “Skull of Antichrist”, which are closer to extreme metal with a punk attitude. Metalpunk, punkmetal, punky metal, metallic punk… Well, it’s loud music played by Finns with energy, sweat, beer and attitude. It works. It’s good and I like it. For being a trio (Jack13 on vocals, Ruho on guitar and Lima on drums), they make a lot of enjoyable noise. The catchy “Nothing in the Mirror” is an obvious and immediate favourite and so are the fabulous tracks “What’s the Devil to Do”, “Master of Chaos” and “Nocturnal Bird”.

Scarecrow’s album “Splatterpunk” will be released on 6th August via 82 Records.