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Album review: Red To Grey “Balance of Power”

Meat-and-potatoes thrash metal from Germany.

Red To Grey is a German thrash metal, founded in Munich in 1998, that plays a kind of thrash metal that is somewhat closer to American Bay Area thrash than many other German thrash metal bands. This is straight-up thrash metal with plenty of catchy melodies thrown in with the guitar riffs. It’s melodic yet very thrashy with an underground feel to it. It’s uncomplicated and uncompromising meat-and-potatoes thrash metal. Fronted by vocalist Gaby Weihmayer, the band also features Manfred Uidel Kollmann on bass, Florian Botschek on guitar, Elmar Nuesslein on drums and Tino Bergamo on guitar. “Balance of Power” is the band’s third full-length album and the first one with Gaby on vocals. It contains nine high-energy tracks. My favourites tracks are the fast-and-furious yet melodic “Hellburner”, “We March” with its punky chorus and the fierce “Within Grey Rooms”. The album’s peak is the terrific anthem-like “Vanity and Pride”.

Red To Grey’s album “Balance of Power” will be released on 22nd October via El Puerto Records.