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EP review: Panzerkrieg 666 “Panzerkrieg 666”

A new German black metal duo arrives on the scene with a five-track EP focused on war history.

New German black metal band Panzerkrieg 666 was formed in December 2021 by HvS (all instruments) and MvM (vocals). “Panzerkrieg 666” is a straightforward, no-nonsense five-track EP of raw, fast and stenchy black metal with lyrics focused on war history. Both HvS and MvM are veterans of the German underground extreme metal scene for the past couple of decades. The band has named Swedish black metal band Marduk as a major influence and we can certainly hear some of that on this EP. Marduk, too, is a band that has combined black metal music with lyrics about historical war battles. And just like Marduk’s lyrical themes at times have been misunderstood, this new German band will no doubt find that some people want to label them something that they are not. The EP’s five songs – “Grand Commander”, “Panzerkrieg 666”, “Wartorn”, “Hiding Assassins” and “Hiding Assassins (German alternative version)” – are all fast, furious and relentless. There is no time or space for any breathers here. The production is basic and raw. It fits the music very well. This is great basement black metal with no window dressing. There are no fancy sound effects or complicated symphonic overlays. It’s just sheer and brutal black metal – with loads of tremolo picking and blast beats – served straight up.

Panzerkrieg 666’s self-titled debut EP will be released on 22nd April by Human Noise Records.