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Album review: Poem “Skein Syndrome”

Greek progressive metal band Poem is back with its second album.

“Skein Syndrome”, the new album by Greek progressive metal band Poem, features some great prog jamming. The band members clearly have a love of musical experimentation. But this album also has quite a bit of a kind of American-style stadium hard rock feeling to it, perhaps mostly due to Giorgos Prokopiou’s vocals. We also get what can perhaps best be described as alt rock or alternative metal thrown into the mix. The band is tight and talented and brings new energy and a lot of drive to the progressive metal genre.

This musically tight four-piece progressive metal band formed in Athens in 2006 but only Prokopiou is still in the band that performed on its 2008 debut album, “The Great Secret Show”. When Swedish guitarist Laurence Bergström, a long-time Athens resident, joined the band in 2014 the current line-up was complete. On “Skein Syndrome”, the band’s second album, they sound great. We get seven energetic tracks, no fillers. This should work a treat live. A few cold beers at a summer festival with Poem up on stage would do for a nice afternoon, don’t you think?

“Skein Syndrome” is out now on ViciSolum Productions and Poem is currently touring Europe with the mighty Amorphis.

“Skein Syndrome” track listing
1. Passive Observer
2. Fragments
3. The End Justifies the Means
4. Bound Insanity
5. Weakness
6. Desire
7. Remission of Breath

Poem – band members
Giorgos Prokopiou – vocals and guitar
Laurence Bergström – guitar
Stratos Chaidos – bass
Stavros Rigos – drums /