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Album review: I Am Noah “The Verdict”

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I Am Noah is modern metalcore from Germany. The band’s debut album, “The Verdict”, is brutally angry and full of frustrated energy.

I Am Noah is a great new German metal band formed last year. They’re aggressive, modern, energetic and, above all, they sound great. I love the dark energy and the brutality of this. The album has a big and loud sound and the production feels very contemporary.

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There’s some fabulous musicianship on this album. The vocals are angry as hell but also hurt, sad and disillusioned. They’re like an apologetic and relentless scream of anger. A rebel yell. Great stuff. “Rise of Mankind”, “Unlearned”, “Deafblind” and “Drowned” are among my favourite tracks. “One Man Wolfpack” is a hard-punching rocker that it is very hard not to love. “Conquer The Thrones” finishes off the 12-track album in equally great, angry style. Germany has a great history of producing world-class heavy metal acts. Now it has a future too.

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“The Verdict” is out on German label Bastardized Recordings on 13th May. /