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Album review: Decadence “Six Tape”

Swedish band Decadence is back with another terrific thrash metal album. It’s full-on aggressive headbanging and air guitar mayhem!

Swedish band Decadence gives us proper thrash metal served just the way I like it with great guitar riffs, terrific melodies and Kitty Saric’s splendid voice on top of that. I love the relentless energy, the aggression and the attitude. The bulldozing track “In Natura” is an obvious favourite of mine. It has everything I love about thrash metal: speed, raw energy, mean riffs, fantastic melodies, aggressiveness, musical twists and a pissed-off vocalist which adds a touch of death metal to the mix. “Red Façade Hotel” is perhaps the album’s best track, but this is a rather even album with no fillers. Decadence’s core duo is Kitty Saric on vocals and Kenneth Lantz on guitar and bass. Session drums on the album are once again played by Lawrence Dinamarca of Nightrage fame. “Six Tape” is Decadence’s sixth full-length studio album since they formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2003. On “Six Tape”, Decadence demonstrates to the listener that the band has that rare quality of being able to combine DIY, grassroots kind of thrash metal with a modern and professional metal sound. It is a great album and it is one of the better metal albums that I have heard this year. Awesome!