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Album review: Elderblood “Achrony”

Elderblood has taken a turn to a more classic black metal sound on its third album.

Elderblood’s new album “Achrony” is the Ukrainian black metal band’s third studio album. The band was founded in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 2011 by Astargh. On its earlier albums, 2013’s “Son of the Morning” and 2016’s “Messiah”, Elderblood has played symphonic black metal. On the new album, “Achrony”, some of those tendencies are still there (listen to the beautiful drama on the track “Holy Plague”), but there has been a slight shift to a more straightforward black metal sound on this album. The ten-track album goes deep into humankind’s darkest holes. It’s a walk through the ashes of human decay. The epic hopelessness of “Soot” is a clear favourite on the album. Other standout tracks on a very even album include “The Great Fire of Sacrifice”, “Life Eternal”, “The One Who Has Not Yet Come” and “The New Testament” (the haunting chants!). This is a dark, sinister and haunting black metal album. If you like your metal served up evil, this album won’t disappoint.

Elderblood’s album “Achrony” is out now via Drakkar Productions.