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Single review: The Lightbringer of Sweden “Farewell”

The Lightbringer of Sweden returns with a power ballad. “Farewell” shows us what a terrific songwriter Lars Eng is and Avantasia’s Herbie Langhans puts in another splendid vocal performance.

Swedish musician Lars Eng and his band The Lightbringer of Sweden, who released a phenomenal debut album last summer, are back in the studio. A new riff-happy and heavy album is in the works which will hopefully be released later this year. In the meantime, the band shows us a different side with “Farewell”, a massive power ballad which will be released as a stand-alone single. Lightbringer is Lars Eng’s baby. He is the songwriter, producer, guitar player and brain behind this. On “Farewell” we can again hear the terrific voice of Germany’s Herbie Langhans (of Avantasia and Firewind fame) and drummer Tobbe Jonsson (from Swedish melodic hard rockers Angeline). On this song, we also get to hear Jonsson’s Angeline band mate Ulf Nilsson on bass. “Farewell” is an emotional power ballad of the best kind. It gives me flashbacks to the 1980s when all metal bands included big power ballads on their albums to get their videos played on MTV (ask your parents, kids) and, subsequently, sell singles and LPs (again, ask your parents to explain). I love it. As much as I dig the heavier side of Lightbringer – the debut album “Rise of the Beast” was filled with heavy metal with power metal influences – it is nice to see that this band is not a one-trick pony. Now I am starting to dream of having The Lightbringer of Sweden as the opening act on a future Japan tour by Avantasia. Wouldn’t that be something?

The Lightbringer of Sweden’s single “Farewell” will be released on 22nd January.