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Album review: Carnal Forge “Gun to Mouth Salvation”

Carnal Forge. Photo: Jens Rydén

Swedish thrash metal band Carnal Forge is back with its first full-length studio album in 12 years.

Following a few years of relative inactivity, Carnal Forge has regrouped and produced a terrific new album called “Gun to Mouth Salvation”. The energy is back and the band has channelled that energy into some fantastic new songs. Originally formed in Sala, Sweden in 1997, the band kept itself busy for over a decade with touring and album releases before they took a break. The new album is the band’s first full-length album since 2007’s “Testify For My Victims”. The current line-up consists of Tommie Wahlberg on vocals, Petri Kuusisto on lead guitar, Jari Kuusisto on rhythm guitar, Lars Lindén on bass and former Nightrage drummer Lawrence Dinamarca. This is dirty, hard-hitting thrash metal. Musically it is not too dissimilar to the thrash/death music created by The Haunted and that is certainly not a bad thing. The fast song “Reforged” is one of the album’s highlights. “King Chaos” is another terrific punishing track, while “Hellride” indeed sounds like a ride in hell and “The Stench” is a freight train of a song. Splendid!

Carnal Forge’s album “Gun to Mouth Salvation” will be released on 25th January via ViciSolum Productions.